Personal Projects - 个人项目

  1. A Prediction Model for Home Values in Nashville
  2. Five minutes could make your simulation Five times faster or more!
  3. A simple R shinyapp for Descriptive Statstics
  4. Animating your travel history using R!
  5. Rshinyapp: Simulating large scale fMRI Data
  6. Rshinyapp: Backtest Stock Trading Algorithm
  7. Rshinyapp: How to show your result iteratively and reset everything

Stock Analysis - 股票分析

  1. R shiny app for Stock Annual report – 美国个股财报评价系统

Reading Note - 读书笔记

  1. 战争论(On War)读书笔记

Daily Life - 日常随笔

  1. 游走在规则的边缘
  2. 以N阶持续行动论看马拉松
  3. Life in NY. 新新扭腰客 (Keep Updating)
  4. 寿司店的老板娘 (Keep Updating)
  5. 我在纽约学法餐 (Keep Updating)