This is my travel history made by R!


Rshinyapp: How to show your result iteratively and reset everything

  • Action button example

  • Iteractively show result

  • Reset everything

Rshinyapp: Backtest Stock Trading Algorithm

  • One click to backtest trading algorithm in any time scale

  • Includes MACD, SMA and EMA

  • Incorporates differentiation, stop loss.

  • Downloadable Report

Rshinyapp: Simulating large scale fMRI Data

  • Compare the Double-wavelet transform approach and Mean voxel approach.

  • Large scale data simulation

  • Parallel computing in R shinyapp

Animating your travel history using R!

  • Mark your travel history on Google map

  • Plot routes between cities

  • Make animation using ffmpeg

A simple R shinyapp for Descriptive Statstics

  • This is the shinyapp I made for Kaggle competion “Allstate Claims Severity”.

Five minutes could make your simulation Five times faster or more!

  • High performance computing in R using doSNOW package

A Prediction Model for Home Values in Nashville

  • My final project for class “Regression Modeling Strategies”.

  • Used R “xml” package to grab data from and Google API.

  • Built an ordinary least square model and an ordinal regression model.


I am a PhD candidate in biostatistics at Vanderbilt University. I like working with data, R programming and using different tools to analyze data in daily life.

My research interests lie primarily in spatial-temporal model, time series analysis, optimal design and fMRI data analysis.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me!

email: minchun.zhou (at) vanderbilt (dot) edu